Diagonal white and blue bubble-glaze tumbler

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This tumbler has been wheelthrown in a smooth white clay and diagonally dipped in a gloss white, with a corner left unglazed in raw clay. Blue bubble-glaze in a gloss blue has been blown over the white, with a slight overlap over the raw clay. 

Glazed internally in the same style, this piece measures just over 7cm tall each and 9.5cm around. This cup holds 200mL of liquid - the size of a regular coffee. It's suited to hot or cold usage, and would be perfect for a coffee at home, on the run topped with a 9cm silicone coffee lid, or with your favourite summer gin. 


Although dishwasher safe, to keep this piece at its very best I recommend hand washing. 

Each piece is hand crafted, and I value the variations in shape, glaze and size that come from authentic hand craftsmanship.