Brown gloss vessel

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This vessel has been wheelthrown in a smooth white clay and glazed in a mottled brown, with variances between a deep clear purpley brown and a speckled tan.

This piece is great for a sugar bowl, a deep dip bowl or a catch-all pencil holder, and it measures about 8cm tall and about 10cm around. 

It can optionally be ordered poured as a candle, with a soy-based wax and a gentle wood sage, sea salt and sandalwood scent. The cup or bowl is fully reusable once the candle has been used and this piece washed, so it can enjoy a second life in your home. 

Although dishwasher safe, to keep these pieces at their very best we recommend hand washing. Each piece is hand crafted, and we value the variations in shape, glaze and size that come from authentic hand craftsmanship.