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Kate Conrick

Resisting the waratahs - acrylic artwork on canvas, 122x92cm

Resisting the waratahs - acrylic artwork on canvas, 122x92cm

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This piece was hard won. It almost didn’t make it. It had a few iterations and felt almost, almost done. Except I wanted some hints of violet. Except that when I got this delicious dark red violet on my brush, I went a little wild with it like a kid with a texta.

The shape of waratahs comes very naturally to my hands. I used to carve and paint them into pottery all the time, but it felt like cheating. I got uncomfy when people raves about them. They were too easy.

And so when my hands fell back into those familiar gestures I got really mad at myself, and at this piece, and determined to paint over it. I sat down with paint on my palette all prepared to start… but as I sat and looked at it, there were so many wonderful little areas I thought I should save. So many that shouldn’t be painted over. They started to unbalance the bad. And then my eyes caught up and I realised I was being an idiot. 

This piece is destined to be the painting you stare at for hours. From bed, at the dining table, in the nursery. It deserves gazing. It needs hours and days and months and years to take in. It has so many little moments and details it will take a lifetime to learn. I’m a little amazed that I was responsible for all those little moments, because they seem to have ended up being more than I ever intended. 


Locals are always welcome to view a piece to help them decide whether it’s right for their home ❤️

Sold unframed.

Artist: Kate Conrick


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