We take a limited number of commissions each year, in line with our personal production schedules. 

Artwork commissions

Artwork commissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis - not every commission request is going to be the right fit, but for the most part, we're really happy for you to get in touch and talk to Kate about what you're thinking.

It's very common for people to request similar styles or colours to a piece that has already been sold, or who are looking for a specific size for their home.

Artwork commissions are quoted based on the size, medium, surface and style, and we require a 30% deposit for the total cost before work is commenced. 

Kate currently has capacity for two more artwork commission slots for 2023, including the Christmas period. Get in touch to enquire about a commission.

Ceramic commissions

Ceramic commissions are tricky, due to the lengthy production time and the nature of ceramics: you're never home safe until something is fired and finished. 

Due to this, we take on a very limited number of ceramic commissions, and are far more likely to request that collectors purchase our pieces on completion. 

We also work with a specific range of glazes and clays, and are unlikely to be able to source and test new colours of textures specifically for a commission. The best ceramic commissions for us are the vessels, sizes, shapes, surfaces, textures and colours that we already work with. A commission is a great way to line up a gift or special piece for yourself well ahead of the required date - production times can range from 2-12 months. 

If you're after something in particular, we're absolutely happy to have a chat with you about it - feel free to get in touch.