About Kate

Kate was born in Canberra, Ngunnawal Country, Australia. She has always had an innate need to create, and a strong interest in experimenting with many mediums from an early age.

Ceramics is a painstaking art of time, process and careful experimentation. Kate balances this with her abstract work, with pieces often created swiftly in one session, capturing single moments and fleeting impressions.

Her paintings, described as vibrant displays of colour and irreverent mark-making, are an exploration of place and Australian landscape. This carries through to her ceramic work, with the colours, forms and surfaces following this exploration of place.

Iron-rich reds, washes of sky pink and hill blue, and the greens of eucalyptus and dark pine feature strongly throughout both her ceramics and paintings, echoing the landscape of Ngunnawal country where Kate lives and works.

Both Kate and Josh's lives have been shaped by loss and upheaval, with the loss of multiple family members, including both of their fathers within weeks of each other in 2018. This period of time acted as a reset, and both felt a strong need to re-establish personal creative and artistic practice. Together, they began dedicating increasing time to growing a previous ceramic hobby into serious practice, skills and styles.

This paralleled Kate's personal re-entry to painting, with painterly surfaces often finding their way into her ceramic work, and the rich minerals of ceramic glaze and surface influencing Kate's painting. 

Her solo work is primarily abstract painting working as an expression of place, however like the addictive creative she is, she does also sometimes produce pencil portrait sketches, still life, and room paintings, although these are few, far between, and rarely intentional! In turn, these other expressions find their way back into her ceramic work, with painterly surfaces and hand-drawn elements.

Professional life

Kate made the decision early in life to pursue commercial art and design, studying a Bachelor of Graphic Design at University of Canberra. She had begun taking paying work in website development as a teen, and she majored in software engineering at a time when web development was an emerging field, moving swiftly into commercial website development roles even before completing her degree.

Kate and Josh have often worked together professionally, moving through different, often complementary roles in the spectrum of digital design and development. Together they have built solid reputations in the Canberra design and digital industry, with broad ranging client experience in the 10-15 years post-university. You can read some of Kate's professional articles online on Medium.com.

This intense period of work acted as a long hiatus for Kate's personal artistic practice, which took a backseat to professional creative practice which over time included a range of illustration and design outlets.

Kate's early artistic style focused on stylised portraits, often digitally produced or painted artwork in the early days of digital art software. You can view both Kate's professional creative work and previous portrait work online on Behance.

Awards and exhibitions

  • Lava Kingston – work exhibited 2019-current
  • Curvy 6 - Featured in the 2009 illustration compendium Curvy 6, featuring the most exciting 100 female artists from 40 countries around the world.
  • Curvy 6 - Exhibition, Sydney 2009
  • The Gallery of Australian Design - Best Of Exhibition, Canberra 2009
  • University of Canberra & DesignEmergency, Prize for Professionalism in Creative Production and Presentation, 2009
  • University of Canberra & Voodoo, Design Professionalism Prize, 2009
  • Murmur Collaborative Illustration Exhibition, Canberra 2009 and 2010