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Kate Conrick

Each year with the silvereyes - acrylic artwork on canvas, 122x92cm

Each year with the silvereyes - acrylic artwork on canvas, 122x92cm

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22 April 2023 - Yesterday was a shit anniversary for the passing of Josh’s dad, so we all had a bit of the sads over here. I think I actually got them last week when the weather changed at Easter - it’s an unfortunate turning of the season thing where there’s this incredible physical connection to a sense of danger. That first cold night each year I’m always wandering around the house at loose ends, unable to relax, feeling like something’s about to happen. And everyone else is raving at the beautiful autumn leaves and my jaw is just tense. It’s quite a weird thing / the lizard brain in action.

But this year on the actual anniversary it felt a lot more peaceful. We had some coffees with the fam and Josh went for a ride. The flock of silvereyes was happily busy in the trees, and I spent a bit of quiet time yesterday just breathing the day in. And thinking about what it was that marked these autumn afternoons for me. Not the first afternoon, but the afternoons of the 5 years after it. The eventual sense of peace and quiet that’s started showing up for me. And for me it’s this quiet afternoon light. Chilly shadows and those tiny warm patches of sun through leaves and these amazing skies that show up at this time of year. This sense of settled quiet and this whole big sky above us.


Locals are always welcome to view a piece to help them decide whether it’s right for their home ❤️

Sold unframed.

Artist: Kate Conrick


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