Misty blue mug

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This one-off mug was a glaze experiment that perfectly matches the weather right now we’re seeing in Canberra - Layers of horizon disappearing into the rain.

This has been wheelthrown in a smooth white clay and glazed in a gloss navy with stone and blue variances. Glaze has been swirled on in places, creating a random effect across the entire surface. Showing lowlights of brown and highlights of pale grey, we think we’ll be adding this one to our regular line. But for now, this is the first and only 🖤

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Each mug measures approximately 8cm high and 8cm around, making them smaller size coffee or tea cups. 

Although dishwasher safe, to keep these pieces at their very best I recommend hand washing. 

Each piece is hand crafted, and I value the variations in shape, glaze and size that come from authentic hand craftsmanship.