Misty blue pasta bowl

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These small pasta bowls have been wheel-thrown in a smooth, white clay and glazed in a dark, greyish blue. They feature a ring of hand-painted grey swirls, where a paler glaze was roughly painted around the inside of the bowl, which has then spread and merged in a glassine pattern when the piece was fired. 

Available in two sizes, the smaller bowl measures about 12cm around and the medium bowl measure about 14cm around. We use these as everyday pieces for everything from pasta, salad, icecream or soup! They’re a household go-to for us. 

Although dishwasher safe, to keep these pieces at their very best we recommend hand washing. They’re fully microwave safe. 

Each piece is hand crafted, and we value the variations in shape, glaze and size that come from authentic hand craftsmanship.

Purchase price is for an individual bowl ✌🏻