Bark from many trees - acrylic artwork on canvas, 76x102cm

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I have been feeling iron-rich reds and dirt and creamy bark colours recently, and my phone is full of terrible out-the-car-windows photos of every characterful gum tree we drive past ✌🏻

Locals are always welcome to view a piece to help them decide whether it’s right for their home ❤️

Artist: Kate Conrick


This piece is being sold unframed and can come ready to hang (with hooks and wire installed, at your preferred orientation) or with hanging fittings supplied separately. If you intend to frame, the framer can install the hanging fittings for you. 


We are happy to organise framing with our preferred supplier at an additional cost. The best way to go about this is to purchase the piece, and contact us directly after checkout for a framing quote.

Frames range drastically in price depending on size, style and materials, and can be a very personal preference.

Our personal preference would be to frame this in a narrow black or brightly coloured floating frame (examples in pictures).